modern smart home


Home Audio & Video

SIAV's integrated multi-room audio & video systems enable you and your family to access your movies, music, DSTV, photos and security cameras from any room at any time. Your system can be controlled via a handheld controller or a tablet of your choice.


smart home control


We specialise in the integration of ultra-simple smart controllers. We have a range of smart control options to suit any budget. From basic handheld-remote single room control, to tablet based complete home control.  Even the most sophisticated control systems can leave its users feeling frustrated. At SIAV, we place your unique needs at the centre of the design.



Automation I Integration

We design intuitive control systems that are constructed around your unique needs, giving you comfortable control and making your home life as easy as possible. Most of our systems utilise tablet devices to provide you with an interactive touch screen experience. With an SIAV integrated home system, you can control your favourite areas not only with a touch of a button but also by voice.

Control 4 Integrated control



Home Cinema

Enjoy your favourite movies and concerts in your own personal cinema, with your own big screen and immersive surround sound. All in the comfort of your own home. An SIAV home cinema can be discretely integrated into your lounge or living room or retrofitted into a dedicated cinema room. 


Home Network & Wifi

The modern home of today needs a reliable and secure network. SIAV can provide home networking solutions from reliable internet access to rock solid Wifi distribution. An SIAV network allows your network devices to communicate with one another optimally. This provides a healthy foundation for all your audiovisual and home technology devices.